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Resistance Sticker 2inx2in 🍉

Resistance Sticker 2inx2in 🍉

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100% of profits from the purchase of this tote will be donated to ConnectingHumanity 

eSIM cards will allow the Palestinians in Gaza to connect to neighboring cell phone towers, giving them life-saving access to the internet.

Expected Profit after all costs: $120 from sales of 25 stickers.

This sticker was designed by PurseFind and sent for small-batch printing.

The sticker features a watermelon which became a symbol of resistance after the colors of the Palestinian flag were banned across occupied Palestine. 

Specifically it is connected back to the 80's when three Palestinian artists were ordered by the occupation army to stop using the colors of the Palestinian flag, during this altercation an occupation officer said to the artists "even if you paint a watermelon, it will be confiscated" and it is then how the watermelon became a symbol of resistance.

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