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Misbaha/Tasbeeh Prayer Beads with Palestine Map Charm

Misbaha/Tasbeeh Prayer Beads with Palestine Map Charm

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  • Crystal Palestine Flag\ Tasbeeh 33 count 10MM beads
  • Mini flag charm attached 
  • Total length: 12 inches Beads size 10 mm beads

Islamic prayer beads, also known as "tasbih" or "misbaha," are a significant spiritual tool used by Muslims to aid in the remembrance of Allah (God) and to engage in dhikr, which is the practice of repetitive utterances or reflections on the attributes of Allah. These prayer beads serve as a gentle reminder of faith and a means of enhancing one's connection with Allah. Think kind of like a fidget item you hold as your fingers move from bead to bead, as one remembers all names of Allah, or sends a prayer. 

Prayer beads are also often used as decor items. You do not have to be Muslim to own one of these. 

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