Collection: Palestine Collection Fund

All profits from this collection will be donated to immediate aid to Gaza. The funds we'll be donating to will change from time to time, currently, we'll be donating to Ele Elna Elak's GoFundMe, which consists of a group of students who launched a charitable campagin since 2018, who's mission is to provide food, warm clothes, and blankets to families in need. 

Currently this campaign is still working on the ground in Gaza and are working diligently to provide fresh food, vegetables, flour and other food supplies to the millions of people displaced throughout Gaza. Team members of this campaign are spread all through South and North of Gaza and continue to work despite the severe dangers facing them. Ele Elna Elak is a verified charitable campaign, where Bisan Owda is a member of.

Link to info and GoFundMe: Ele Elna Elak