Website Builders

Website Builders

Hello Jef@s!!

How are you all! Today’s blog will be short. 

Let’s talk about website builders. Building a website is a lot of work, if you’re on your own, managing a business is already a lot of work, you don’t want to be caught up working on a whole website. Unless you already know about website building, the best option is to build your website via a website builder. 

Here are some good options:

1. Big Cartel 

If you’re making your products, Big Cartel is great and allows you to build your own e-commerce website with no monthly fee. They also have priced plans, which are highly reasonable. Big Cartel is a website builder that really understands the budget of self-made artists...check out some cool websites below that are currently using Big Cartel: Click Here 

2. Weebly

I at first used Weebly, powered by Square. It was a really good place to start. The website is really easy to design if you want something simple and straight to the point. They start with a free website, and also have priced plans. Uploading your products is also easy and managing on the app is pretty good too.

3. Shopify

Shopify is the platform I am currently using. They have various plans, I am currently using the 29.99 plan which works great for the level of traffic my site currently experiences. Shopify is also far more flexible with the design of the website and managing inventory is just as easy. The best part however is all the other features it offers, such as the ability to seamlessly sync with your social media platforms, creating discounts, marketing features like mass e-mailing to subscribers...there a just a ton of features offered, and for the price it’s honestly worth it! 

Check them out for yourself, and let me know what platform you think works for you! 

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